When you buy machine from Strotech Engineering, you get not only high-quality products but also excellent parts availability from factory-trained professionals. The Original parts are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the customer, they extend the service life of your machine, reduce downtime, protect your investment and increase the resale value of your equipment.

Hyundai European Parts Distribution Center

Hyundai’s European Parts Distributions Center is located in Belgium. The warehouse houses over 75,000 items and it has over 12,000 m² as a storage area. Our warehouse workers are dedicated to ensure efficient full-service parts operation, from receiving to picking up, packing and shipment. Also, our team is proactively working to ensure customer satisfaction.

Original Parts – Benefits

Minimize Downtime and Achieve Peak Performance

Minimize downtime and maintain top performance, comfort and convenience by choosing genuine original parts and maintenance programs. Our parts offer unmatched design, quality and durability to give you peace of mind while taking on rough jobs.
• Are the right choice every time.
• Perform in the hardest working machines on Earth.
• Deliver consistent equipment performance.
• Protect your machine warranty.

Protect Your Performance

Get the most up time by maintaining your machine with original Parts. Our engineering and sourcing teams work together to ensure that original parts deliver maximum performance when paired with Hyundai machines. Put simply, they’re tough, reliable and proven to perform.
• Do more with the industry’s most versatile electronics.
• Roll through your rough jobs with the widest selection of parts.

High Reliability Through Precision Engineering

Every day, we work on improving and innovating their product line and with this comes the highest quality parts. Our engineers use computer-aided design and testing that results in greater precision, proven manufacturing processes, and higher quality. Every part is thoroughly tested in our machines to keep you up and running through your tough jobs.

Built For High Demanding Job sites

You’ll find better design, engineering and construction throughout each Hyundai machine, right down to the nuts and bolts.

Our tires & tracks offer exceptional traction, flotation and overall ride performance for your machine. In addition to performance, genuine Hyundai tracks and tires give you high reliability. We hold our rubber products to strict quality control measures throughout production to ensure superior quality, performance and service life.

Protect your machine investment by using original parts during preventative maintenance. For example, Hyundai fluids and filters meet or exceed the minimal requirements of our engines, air and hydraulic components. This reduces the risk of unnecessary wear caused by inferior products.